5 Side Effects Of CBD To Be Aware Of

Amongst all the cannabinoids that are present in a cannabis plant, CBD and THC are two well-known cannabinoids. Although they can be found in the same plant, these two elements share completely different traits.

While one has psychoactive properties with zero to little health benefits, the other one has lots of health benefits and no psychoactive properties. Cannabidiol or CBD is popular for its positive medical effects, but it would be wrong to state that this does not have any side effects.

It might not have the element to excite the brain receptors, but it surely has some side effects which should be known to all. Knowing about the few side effects – which aren’t extreme or serious by any means – can help you enjoy the most of what CBD has to offer. And given its medicinal value, it surely is a lot.

Let us have a look.

How Long Does CBD Take To Affect Your Body?

As there are several methods of inhaling or consuming CBD, the above question varies on the basis of that equation as well. For instance, if you are consuming CBD by vaping, it will hit you immediately.

But if you are taking tinctures or oral spray of CBD, it might take a minute or five to react on your body properly. Again, if you are chewing edibles of CBD or CBD capsules, it might take an hour or so to affect your body. Thus, clearly, the effective time for CBD oil depends on the way you are consuming it.

Can One Die Overdosing On CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is known to be non-toxic which generally does not cause any fatal overdose problem. Till now, there has been no news regarding death after overdosing on CBD.

According to a study, it has been found out that a human being can become consume up to 1500 mg CBD per day, and it would have minor side effects only. Even at such high dose of CBD, no significant negative side effects have been detected in a human body. Thus, it is safe to assume that no one can die from overdosing on CBD as CBD does not contain any non-toxic element.

5 Plausible Side effects of CBD

Although it is safe to assume that CBD does not have any fatal side effects, it does have some side effects that should be well circulated amongst the users of CBD. This can happen even after consuming a low dose of CBD, and it varies from person to person.

However, they are not the negative side effects of CBD; just some side effects that you should be aware of to avoid unnecessary panic after the first use. Let us have a look.

  1. Dry mouth

One of the reported side effects of CBD is dry mouth or ‘cotton-mouth’ as lots of people call it. It is considered a regular side effect of consuming any cannabis species, and this side effect just makes you thirsty. This dry sensation in the mouth does not ring any high alert harm at all. The involvement of ECS with saliva secretion creates this kind of sensation.

  1. Low blood pressure

This is another reported issue after consuming a high dose of CBD. Low blood pressure is a side effect of CBD, and it happens a few minutes after you take the CBD in your system. However, it causes a little fluctuation of blood pressure and nothing huge that can cause any bodily harm.

But if you are a patient of low blood pressure or already on any blood pressure related medicine, you should consult a doctor first before consuming CBD.

  1. Tremor in Parkinson’s disease

Admission of a high dose of CBD can cause a tremor in Parkinson’s disease, and it may worsen the state of the patient at first. However, this side effect can be controlled by controlling the CBD does. But it is wiser to consult a doctor first before consuming any dose of CBD if you are a Parkinson’s patient.

  1. Lightheaded feeling

The lightheaded feeling can be felt after consuming a high dose of CBD because of the low blood pressure side effect. However, this effect of CBD is temporary, and anyone can reverse the situation by taking a hot cup of milk, tea or coffee immediately. Also, this side effect can be reduced by lowering the dose of CBD as well.

  1. Drowsiness

If you are projecting high dose of CBD in your system, it might cause drowsiness at first. But just like lightheaded feeling, the drowsiness will also go away after a while as it is a temporary feeling.

Drowsiness may not be felt just after taking CBD; thus it is advised that you should not operate any heavy machinery or any vehicle the moment after you have consumed CBD. However, in most cases, CBD acts as a wake-inducing agent. If you’re feeling drowsy after taking in CBD, you might just want to discontinue its use though or consult an expert.

What’s the Best Way Out?

First, make sure you’re taking a high quality CBD oil product somewhere like VerifiedCBD or Medterra.  This will ensure you are getting best quality possible lessening the chances of putting unknown toxins in your body.

These are some of the side effects that you should be aware of.  That being said, none of them are as severe, and unless you have low blood pressure you have nothing to worry about.

Do note though that these side effects can only be felt should you inhale CBD – and you don’t have to do that. You could try out alternatives like going in for CBD oil. It has been known to offer all the medicinal benefits that CBD has to offer, without the side effects on offer.


Do note that if you have any previous health issues, it is better to consult a doctor first before consuming any CBD dose.