Case Mandel: Co-Founder Of Cannadips Get Busy/Five Questions For 2020

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Case Mandel (Co-Founder) speaking with Frank Svandal of “The Art Factory” a leading Snus Innovation … [+] Manufacturer

Forest Harrison

Why cannabis? How did you discover the plant? 

I got brought into the amazing world of cannabis from Reggae on the River music festival in Humboldt County. From that festival, I was invited to come work a season up in the hills and from there I was hooked. I was educated by some of the most amazing innovators in the cannabis industry, we’re talking multiple generations of experience. I also have some legendary stories that are better shared over a bonfire then this article. The hills of Humboldt County became my backyard for 5 years and my connection with cannabis became an integral part of my life and now my career. I have never seen a molecule or set of molecules whether manmade or natural to have such wide-ranging benefits and provide something to so many people as I see with cannabis. These experiences have led me to forge a path where I get to use cannabis to help people quit using tobacco. I couldn’t be any more excited to be able to help share this plant with people across the world, and in a way they can be more comfortable with than smoking or vaping. It’s an honor and privilege when I think about how I started with quietly growing and processing cannabis in the hills of Northern California to now working exclusively with Lexaria Bioscience (LXRP) on optimizing the smokeless oral absorption of cannabinoids. It is crazy to imagine where this plant will take me over the next 10 years as well as take us a society.

Please tell me about your company? Six and twelve-month goals? Obstacles? How do you anticipate removing them?

Cannadips is the Original Smokeless Cannabis and American Hemp CBD pouch — in the entire world. In 2020, we believe as the creators of the category, that we will see a competitive brand enter the category from Big Tobacco. We’ve spent 4 years perfecting water-dispersible cannabinoids in a pouch and mulch modality, and we’ve learned a lot about perfecting the consumer experience. For us, it’s important that the product actually works so it can be as efficacious as possible for our Canna-dippers. We are also in the process of opening a flagship factory store at our facility in Arcata, California where we can invite the local community and bring visitors to the Emerald Triangle to share our home turf and it’s world-class beauty. There’s no better place to kick your feet up and enjoy a pinch or pouch. As for obstacles, I imagine our challenges aren’t too different from any other company that begins to scale and so we will face them head-on. We’ll continue to deliver a great product and find ways to excite our customers more and more. I have a great team around me who are good people and true experts in their areas, and we’ll continue to grow our team with more great people. Through my experience, I’ve realized that authentic relationships with great operators are worth more than anything money can buy.

Sam Morales

Case Mandel Co-Founder of Cannadips Moderating the CBD Panel at Tobacco Plus Expo

Sam Morales

Who is your mentor? Do you smoke the plant? Indoor or outdoor grown? Wild soil? Biodynamic? Organic? Natural light?

It is tough to pin down just one mentor along this journey. From the cannabis side my mentor has been Stephen Dillon for the last 10 years. “Stevie” is a legend in the Humboldt community and has provided incredible guidance as we have both embarked on the legalization journey together. As for my current mentor it would be Samuel Morales. Sam hails from the tobacco space and was the director of marketing for Drew Estate. Mentorship doesn’t get restricted by age, and even though Sam is younger than myself his wisdom and brilliance has helped guide me and the company over the past year immensely. He has a “Play to Win” approach and has completely revamped our trajectory and vision going forward. As for cannabis, I can’t say I smoke as much of the plant as I used to. However if I am smoking flower, I enjoy a nice Humboldt County outdoor sativa that has been cultivated with a proper compost tea and organic nutrients. My true enjoyment on the cannabis side however has been watching another company I founded called ArcataX become the masters of live resin extraction in California. My go to has been a high-CBD live resin cartridge providing the true soil to oil experience.

What is your favorite restaurant? Where?

Tough to pin it down to just one restaurant. However, when it comes to my favorite spot I am going to have to go with my local favorite, Campground. Campground is in Arcata, California and has not only one of the best ambiances but the food is incredible. I can be found here weekly for an aged cut of beef to a nice smoke-infused Japanese whiskey. An absolute gem in the heart of Humboldt County and every visitor I bring in loves it.

What is your passion?

My passion is getting to be creative and also getting to help people. Before cannabis, I was venturing down a career in medicine. My undergrad was in kinesiology, which provided a great foundation for understanding the human body. Being able to constantly develop and create new ideas and projects that directly impact people’s lives is the most rewarding and part of my career. It’s a joy to receive the personal messages I do from Cannadips consumers. I am a huge people person and being able to provide utility and joy to others is something I’m very passionate about.

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