David Crosby Answers Your Questions About CBD Oil, Sex and Mustache Maintenance

David Crosby has never once seen a question prior to the cameras rolling when we film an Ask Croz segment, but he’s told us many times he’ll field whatever readers throw at him without any exceptions. In this new Ask Croz segment, he proves it from the very top by telling a reader how he manages to keep soup off his mustache. “With a napkin,” he says. “Same as you.”

Things get a little more serious later on when a woman asks if she should have an affair now that her husband is no longer sexually functional following prostate surgery. “Getting laid isn’t the most important thing,” he says. “I say that as someone who it was the main thing in my life. I was a caboose to my dick. I followed it around, but it doesn’t turn out to be the right thing to do. In large part, it depends on how much you love the guy. If you love the guy a lot, don’t do it. It’ll break his heart.”

Later on, he responds to a high schooler that is having a hard time finding hope in the age of climate change of Donald Trump. “A lot of people are very discouraged with how things are right now,” he says. “A lot of young people I know aren’t planning families. A lot of young people aren’t really planning a future. They are not trying to plan a career. They are not trying to get a path in life. A lot of them think we’re not going to make it…It’s tough for any young person to look at the world and feel like there’s a future. I’m discouraged too. But you can’t really fight them if you’re so discouraged that you give up. You have to believe that we can still do something in this world to make things better.”

Crosby is slated to begin an extensive American tour on May 14th in Santa Barbara, but it’s unclear if he’ll be forced to postpone any dates due to the Coronavirus.

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