Who is Medix CBD?

Medix CBD is one of the latest companies I’ve found online that offers a selection of CBD product including CBD oil, gummies, edibles and pain creams.  Their prices are also reasonable.. but what about their quality?

First, lets talk just a bit about the company itself.

Company: Medix Wellness LTD
U.S Address: 20900 NE 30th Ave Suite 800 Aventura, FL 33180
International Headquarters: Watford, United Kingdom

Medix CBD is originally based in the UK with an office here in the U.S. in Florida.  Their CBD products are legal across all fifty states, USA-made, and produced with federally-legal Cannabidiol (CBD).

Medix CBD oil is developed to be non-psychoactive, cultivated using organic growing practices, this formula provides naturally occurring antioxidants and is Gluten Free and Vegan.

Medix CBD Oil 100mg
Medix CBD Quality

Although Medix CBD is originally based in the UK, they harvest their hemp from farms in Kentucky that are chemical-free and lab-tests to prove it.  I was not able to find out where their CBD is manufactured but here’s what they say:

“We manufacture our CBD in the most modern facilities with a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. We have a trusted team who are passionate about sharing CBD with the world. From process to packaging, we have a streamlined system and clean production protocol to serve our customers 24/7.”

Is There THC in Medix Products?

No,  because their CBD is extracted from 100% industrial hemp, it has less than 0.03% by weight. But they go a little further and remove those trace amounts of THC making  100% pure, natural CBD resulting in no “high”.

Medix uses a low pressure CO2 process under high pressure to extract the CBD from the hemp plant.  This method of extraction leads to some of the highest quality CBD produced and is also one of the most expensive methods.

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Medix CBD Products

Medix CBD Oil GummiesMedix offers most products you would use infused with CBD.  Here’s a current list of their products.

Their products come with a 30 day guarantee so if you’re not happy with them, you can request a full refund on the purchase price.

If you’re concerned about the quality of their products, I was able to get one of the lab test for their Hemp oil which shows the purity of their products.  You can view it below.
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Overall, Medix CBD provides great products that are high quality and affordable.  To learn more about Medix CBD and their products, visit their website at: