The Top 5 Benefits Of CBD Oil

Most people believe that cannabis plants aren’t any good and it’s primarily because of THC, which can have adverse effects on the body. However, cannabis plants have another ingredient too called CBD.

CBD, often misrepresented as having the same affects as THC, does not offer any psychoactive effects like it.  In fact, CBD or Cannabidiol, is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in Cannabis. It does not have a euphoric psychoactive property. Rather, it is used for different medical reasons and treatments.

The Use of CBD Oil

Most often, CBD oil is made from hemp plants, the least processed form of the cannabis plant.  Oils with a dominant amount of CBD are referred to as the CBD oil. While the ratio of CBD and THC in oil depends on the seller and something that makes one oil more effective than the other, regular use of CBD can provide you many medical and health benefits. CBD oil has even been seen to cure conditions that have been otherwise marked as ‘incurable’. Here is what you can expect with regular use of CBD oil.

Understanding The Effects of CBD

Unlike THC that can have a negative affect on your body, you wouldn’t have to worry about it with CBD.  Most, if not all, of the effects of CBD oil has been seen to be positive. It offers significant medicinal benefits to the body and can relieve pain, stress, mental disorders like epilepsy or even help you deal with withdrawal symptoms. We would be taking a look at it in detail below.

How Much CBD Oil Should One Take For Positive Health Benefits?

As hard as it is to answer this question, the answer really depends on the type of treatment you are looking for.  If it is for standard sleep disorder problem or epilepsy problem, a dose ranging from 40 to 200 mg will do. Again, to treat chronic pain, you will only need 2.5 to 20 mg of CBD oil to give you relief. However, it is a wise decision to consult a doctor first before you resort to a particular dose of CBD oil.

Does CBC Oil Have Any Side Effects?

Many are concerned with this, and it is not a matter of surprise. Cannabis plants are thought to be harmful to our health. Unlike THC, CBD oil does not produce a feeling of ‘High’ or ‘stoned’ because CBD does not influence the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors.  Instead, CBD affects other compounds in the endocannabinoid system that does not release dopamine chemical. Thus, you can say the use of CBD oil will not give you any particular feeling of euphoria.

Health Benefits Of CBD Oil

CBD oil has lots of health benefits that can give us relief from our daily sufferings, and we do not know many of them. Here, we have discussed the five most important health benefits CBD oil has on our body. Let us have a look.

1. Relief from Chronic Pain
The analgesic characteristics of CBD oil is the essential feature of all. CBD reacts with our brain receptors to reduce inflammation and pain. It reacts with our immune system as well. Studies on the use of CBD oil in human beings states that it does not create any other side effect. Instead, it successfully reduces any chronic pain helping you to deal with it better.

2. Reduces seizures
A high electrical activity in our brain can make seizures happen. And after conducting a controlled trial published in the Journal of New England Medicine, it was seen that CBD oil has a significant effect on patients suffering from a rare type of epilepsy. It was also seen that the use of CBD oil on these patients reduced their frequency of seizures by a margin of almost 40%.

3. Anxiety Treatment
CBD oil has been known for being effective for schizophrenia and other psychological problems. Now, you can include anxiety to the list too. Recently, it has been found that CBD oil can reduce subjective anxiety effectively and it also reduces the chance of anxiety in people by almost 30% to 35%.  Some reviews suggest that it can help people fight with a wide range of disorders, from social anxiety to panic disorders.

4. Cancer
Not everyone knows it, but using a certain amount of CBD oil regularly can help in fighting cancer cells in your body. CBD and other cannabis have the anti-tumor element. CBD oil, in particular, can be quite effective in dealing with colon cancer and leukemia. Also, in case of cervical cancer, CBD oil stops the spreading of cancer cells in our body helping contain its growth. While the whole ‘fights cancer cells’ theory has not yet been proven on the human body, and it is still under the microscope of theory, you can be sure that taking CBD has some great benefits.

5. Diabetes
One of the best health effects of CBD oil is reducing diabetes, and not many people talk about it. A recent study states just how the use of CBD oil can prove to be amazing for those who are suffering from long-term diabetes.  Recent research for instance, states that CBD oil may be particularly effective when it comes to fighting Type 1 diabetes.

The Other Benefits
Apart from the above health benefits, CBD oil has a proven effect on treating sleeping disorders and other mental-psychological problems such as schizophrenia. Research is continuing on its benefits to reduce epilepsy with little to no side effects.  Also, taking CBD oil regularly can be great for containing glaucoma growth. Do note though that some of these benefits and its side effects, if any, are still being studied so you might just want to consider an expert before going in for one.