Use this language-learning app to speak like a local when you travel

How many times have you struggled to order street food or get public transportation directions while traveling abroad? Even after vowing you’d learn enough of a language to get through your next trip easily, you pretty much did nothing about it. But there’s a recently popular method that will help you learn a language with less difficulty and less time, known as Reading-While-Listening or RwL, and that’s what Beelinguapp’s platform is based on.

Various studies have shown the benefits of RwL, and Beelinguapp is not afraid to use it. This mobile language-learning app utilizes an audiobook approach combined with karaoke-style animation to provide an immersive experience. Original audio is recorded by a native language speaker to help you hear how the words are pronounced as you read them and see how they’re spelled and put together in sentences. It shows the same exact text in two languages, side by side, while it reads out loud to you.

Offering 13+ languages, such as Spanish, English, German, Korean, and French, Beelinguapp lets you choose from fairy tales, news, science papers, and novels to learn from, with new content being added every single week. With 4.7 stars in the Google Play Store and 4.6 in Apple’s App Store, Beelinguapp must be doing something right! Give it a try and you just might have your best vacation yet.

A Beelinguapp Language Learning App Lifetime Subscription is available now for $39.99, a savings of 60%.

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