What Is CBD?

CBD has revolutionized the world with its recreational and medical use. Cannabis, also known as marijuana, contains more than 100 chemicals called cannabinoids. CBD is also one of those compounds. These cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system found in the human body. This system naturally occurs in the body and produces its own cannabinoids which are mainly responsible to manage pain, appetite, digestion, reproduction, immunity, stress, cognitive learning, and memory.

Where CBD comes from?

CBD is a significant compound of cannabis which does not make you feel high or stoned as HTC is generally known for. The most of the CBD products available nowadays in the market are those which are actually Hemp- derived. Hemp is a variety of cannabis plant having THC less than 0.3 %, grown specifically for industrial use. As hemp contains a high quantity of CBD but a very low volume of THC, it is getting more popular than marijuana and is legalized too, while the latter is still illegal. According to The Associated Press, almost 50% of hemp plants in USA are now being grown for CBD extraction only.

There are two types of CBD compounds;

  • CBD Rich
  • CBD Dominant

CBD Rich products are those which are having CBD and THC both in it in a more or less proportion while CBD Dominant Products are those which have more CBD and very less amount or even traces of THC.

Benefits of using CBD:

CBD plays a very important role in providing therapeutic and medicinal benefits to the body. Its non-psychoactive effect makes it more beneficial for the patients going through psychosis, inflammation, anxiety, seizures, and chronic pain without allowing them to get high, unlike THC which may cause euphoria or stoned feeling. CBD is also known for the slowing down the process of growth of tumor or cancer cells.

The more research that’s been done on revealing its benefiting facts, the more popular it is becoming in the world. It is also found to be safe to treat many conditions like Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Alzheimer, Schizophrenia, Diabetes, Antibiotic-resistant infections, MS and PTSD. It has tremendous effects in making your sleep-cycle better and in getting rid of alcoholism or smoking. No one can deny the significance of CBD in treating and relieving the diseases like Epilepsy and Parkinson. FDA approved its use basically for the treatment of Epilepsy in many of the US states.

Is CBD legal?

The production of marijuana is illegal, but depending upon where it’s sourced from, how it’s manufactured, and how it’s meant to be consumed. In states where it is legal, it’s easy for you to find the products, but to get it where it is not legal, you’ve to be very careful. As hemp contains a high quantity of CBD but a very low volume of THC, it is getting more popular than marijuana and is legalized too, while the latter is still illegal. CBD products are not legal in all 50 US states. In states like Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, marijuana, and hemp both are legal to be used for recreational purpose. Fifteen states have limited-access laws that allow cannabis only as CBD oil, with restrictions on the levels of THC varying per law. Four states have banned it completely.

How to use CBD?

For use as a medicine or nutritional supplement, CBD is extracted from hemp, which is a fibrous form of cannabis having small buds and fresh leaves. It is grown under the supervision of professionals for this particular use and the final product can be obtained in the form of oil, powder or gel. It is available as oil, capsules, terpenes, concentrates, salve, lotions, creams, tinctures or syrups and available from many companies such as CBDmd. Hemp also contains fatty acids and amino acids which have been known to have incredible effects on the body. CBD extracts are mostly oil based. It can be taken orally for which capsules and tinctures are the most popular mediums but it can directly be applied to skin to get instant relief such as lotions and creams. Vaping is also a very popular way of taking CBD in.

How CBD works?

It gets into your bloodstream to readily provide relief to your body symptoms. CBD works effectively in the body by attaching to certain receptors present in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in human body. These receptors are of two types, called

  • CB1 receptors and
  • CB2 receptors.

These receptors are present throughout the body and brain. They quickly and efficiently take CBD to all parts of our body, making it a part of our metabolism. With the help of ECS in our body, CBD works to regulate and balance different functions of our body.

Bottom Line:

Many researches so far have proved the scientific effects of CBD in treating different conditions but still more studies are required before it can be claimed with certainty that CBD is an effective treatment for any. It is better to seek your physician advice before starting any such supplement for the daily or occasional use.